Essential Details For Seovolución Described

Strategy Seovolución Seonutz :

The domain must redirect keyword: .Like we will spend a seovolució a seovolució, if difficult (like mine) then choose a com with some variant of the keyword or contains any relationship even minimal. Here the closest we had before 2014 was registered a domain with the keyword SEO (

Use different Whois: As you may have read in various blogs and forums, Google has access to this information, even when it Whois private.

New content: In the land domain redirected to compose new texts to avoid falling into duplicate content, maintaining the same internal linking structure, ie, pages, categories, tickets, tags, etc..

New theme: Trying to greatly improve the prior, possibly responsive (adaptive design) and a higher charge rate.

Different Hosting: If we are giving Google signals to be someone else changing our Whois also have to do with the net host to change the IP / DNS.

Strategy Chuiso :

An optimized article , I sobreoptimizado. No profanity, properly drafted, sincere and long (thousand words approx.).

Optimized and entertaining themed images. A funny image can not just enable you to get a laugh … You can even enable you to get +1 a like, tweet, etc..

Various drawings (you’ll read below) as a swap for reviews: Free course SEOplatino, VPS hosting, personalized advice for Skype 25 € on reviews and mentions, etc..

A domain , with enough authority and impact on this theme: PR 4 PA 45 and DA 34. Plus my Google Plus account (associated blog) has almost 1,000 followers of quality.

Most significant of, the support of my readers.Again, and because it did last year Alex Navarro, tell the support and help of my readers and friends of the guild. Without their help I doubt he is able to win.


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