K3vin Envoy Secrets Explained

Cameo, an uplifting single, spotlights K3vin Envoy’s creative blends of synths and rhythm and inspires a journey having an uncanny flavor of high energy flow. The fast track movement reeves up, drops, changes and excites the listener through every turn, carving out some powerful drums and fast moving melody. Cameo urges listeners to cut loose and soar to the vibe. Are you feeling it? Yes! You can K3vin Envoy grab Cameo soon on iTunes and Amazon.

Before Cameo, K3vin Envoy released Love Has No Language in late 2013. Since the debut on iTunes, the albums have propelled K3vin Envoy’s name into the spotlight and has ignited a worldwide phenomenon around his infectious releases. The initial sound has been coveted by others hearing Love Has No Language. The tone from the beginning presenting fragments of the Gregorian influence with “#Like” and Jazz in “Little Red Dress”. Genius classical movements, synth pop and electro dance in “Emoticons”. His studio output hasn’t been more creative or prolific.

K3vin Envoy’s momentum led him far from becoming a singular remix DJ with his previous library of albums. At the end of 2013, there was a stop and a redirection for K3vin Envoy to create original tracks. As a remix artist, K3vin Envoy’s tracks were extraordinary; as a company, he’s unstoppable together with his new album, Love Has No Language. The newest sound imprint is gaining international momentum and is producing a buzz; one has to wonder, “What it’s all about?” It’s in regards to the music and the fans and what they would like to hear and at this time, they’re listening to K3vin Envoy. So, Envoy’s stepping up the “EDM Bar” with heart felt music trends that listeners wish to hear. K3vin Envoy’s success and a fresh generation of listeners is what his sound is focused on, celebrating great music output.


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