An Analysis Of Solutions For Infestation Hack

Infestation Survivor Stories has been online now for over annually, the game use to be called “The WarZ” but Hammerpoint Interactive changed the name earlier this season because of legal reasons. In the last year the overall game has been played by huge numbers of people around the globe due to the zombie MMO game allowing over 100 people on their game servers. The situation that has plagued Infestation is the quantity of hackers on any given server. Once you join a server without hacks or cheats you tend to have killed in a matter of seconds after you encounter another player in the game.

While cheats and hacks have been around in video gaming, these hacks really appeared to be used extraordinary in Infestation. The developer added Fair Fight to the game that is supposed to track player stats and kick them infestations cheats from the game anytime they violate a stat policy enforced by the developer’s settings. Anytime you play Infestation Survivor Stories you’ll see messages like “Kicked XXX player Fair Fight” in the chat window because that given player broke a given stat thresh hold. This new system didn’t really seem to help in how of lowering the total amount of cheaters in the game so the developer added PunkBuster next. PunkBuster is supposed to catch all the cheats and hacks in the overall game however it doesn’t appear to fair well as many users were reporting getting kicked without ever using cheats.

All of us decided we wanted to give these Infestation hacks a take to and that’s just what we did, we searched the net for hacks and downloaded them from sites like, and We had 5 team members test the hacks from each of these sites and rate them on simplicity, how they performed in the game, when it made the game worse or better, etc. To my surprise every single person on staff said they enjoyed the overall game more and it really made Infestation more fun when using these cheats (even if they felt detrimental to with them against legit players). Every person then judged the cheats from each sites and rated them and decided offered the very best Infestation hack when it comes to simplicity, no detections or kicks, being easy to set up and forum help from staff at the site.


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