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The most recent model in their world-famous distinct high-performance blenders designed for home use, the Vitamix 5200 continues Vita-Mix Corporation’s decades-old tradition as “the” name in commercial-quality blending. The 5200 was introduced to the United States in 2007 as a new-and-improved version of the business’s wildly popular 5000 – still even today the world’s best-selling Vitamix. Improved design features and an upgraded motor distinguish the most recent model from its predecessor, however. These can be an in-depth look at the Vitamix 5200. The information and opinions expressed inside can be found in the proper execution of information gathered directly from the organization, my ownership of the 5000 and 5200 models and uses of every in blending operations numbering in the thousands, and my sales experience in the high-performance blender industry dating back again to 2009. It is supposed solely as reference material for everyone taking into consideration the purchase of a high-performance blender.

Package and Specifications

Every Vitamix model through the 5000 was created and assembled on-site at the business’s Cleveland, Ohio, world headquarters. Though still completely assembled in America, the 5200 includes a Swedish-designed and manufactured motor, which is examined in increased detail below. The whole Vitamix 5200 package includes a motor base in the customer’s range of color, a bottle with attached blade assembly and two-part lid, tamper, first-time user guide, tips card, cooking class-themed DVD, warranty certificate, registration card, and recipe book.

The motor foot of the 5200 is square fit, 7 ½” wide and 9″ deep, and weighs right at 11 lbs. With the jar and lid in place, the whole unit stands 20 1/8″ tall. A typical 120 volt, 3-pronged grounded cord reaches a duration all the way to 6 feet from underneath of the base. Any or every one of the cord could be stored underneath the device – a particularly handy feature when traveling with the unit or when operating it at short distances from electrical outlets. The beds base rests on four round, rubber feet, ¾” in diameter. The interface of the equipment is on the leading side of the bottom and consists of a panel with two levers on each side of a face in its center. The switches are durable, “soft-touch” rubber for improved easy operation (one of several improvements over the 5000 model). One is a speed control and one is for powering the equipment on and off. The “soft touch” center dial controls the variable speed feature of the machine.

The outside of the base is constructed of wear-resistant plastic in the customer’s choice of white, black, red, platinum or brushed-stainless finishes. Inside is a new Swedish-designed motor designed and manufactured specifically for the 5200. The 11.5 amp, 1380 watt motor Vitamix is advertised as 2-peak horsepower (2HP). Though technically no more powerful than that in the sooner model, the newest motor is better as a result of engineering improvements in its capability to sustainably cool itself during operation, which translates to both energy savings and improved motor performance. Top-end blade speed on the 5200 has been measured at 37,000 revolutions each minute (RPM). Significant discussion and debate continues in the blender industry on what role horsepower plays with one of these machines as well as guidelines for calculating it, and on my website I give you a layman’s explanation in an article on high-performance blenders. Vita-Mix in addition has issued its statement on motor horsepower.

The majority of the improvements to the 5200 are featured on its jar and lid. In early 2007, Vita-Mix announced a partnership with the Eastman Chemical Co. for constructing new containers because of this model. The standard (and already strong) polycarbonate containers have now been replaced with a much more durable copolyester called Eastman Tritan&trade ;.The brand new jar is not only stronger, but is also significantly more chemical and heat-resistant, is quieter during operation, and contains no Bisphenol-A (BPA) commonly present in polycarbonate.


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