A Background In Methods Of Easy Azon 3.0

The past time they launched version 1 was in the past in 2011 on Clickbank and for version 2 they didn’t perform a launch as it had been continually selling through Clickbank. Now with v3.0 they’re dumping a huge amount of money into the program making it leaps and bounds above what other things is in the marketplace

Easy Azon 3.0 is a massive upgrade to the most popular EasyAzon WordPress plugin. This software enables Amazon affiliate users to quickly create Amazon affiliate links without leaving their WordPress dashboard.

More than that, they enable users to totally customize the way in which their affiliate links perform. For instance, they allow users to toggle on a per link basis the capability for something to be added to the users shopping cart software in a single click (when something is included with a shopping cart application the cookie length jumps to 90 days – additional time to really make the sale). Easy Azon 3.0 also automatically redirects users to the country they are viewing your website from so the consumer can earn more income from global visitors. Beyond that users can optionally cloak affiliate links, open links in new windows and additionally create image based affiliate links / product information block affiliate links.

Amazon is America’s most trusted online retailer. ”According to a recently conducted research Amazon ranks at No.1 for relevance to consumers. Their total 2012 revenue was over $50 Billion. Amazon is a haven for affiliate marketers since it features a wide selection of products to promote.

Amazon items are known to convert constantly and as an affiliate you can earn as much as up to 15% commission promoting products.

Why? It’s obvious! There is so many products to promote your possibilities are endless. This implies huge sums of cash straight into your pockets.

The creator of Easy Azon 3.0 has for the past 2 years been easy azon 3.0 developing this awesome plugin and has personally used this to generate profitable amazon review sites making between $300 – $1000 per month.

Without this plugin creating product review sites will be a tedious and time intensive task. With Easy Azon 3.0 you will have a way to create a complete review store or blog in just 5 mins or less. You will not need to publish any content or articles because the plugin does all of it via the Amazon API. There’s no worries about Google updates since the plugin uses intelligent technology to panda/penguin proof your amazon sites.


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