Thinking About Quick Products For Worldventures Review

World Ventures is a journey company that gives “dream trips” to people looking to see travel. They also offer an income possibility to people looking to start a travel business. The business is controversial, and many have questioned whether it Why WorldVentures is a legit opportunity. We blow away the smoke and review what this business is all about.

World Ventures – At A Glance

As a vacation company, world ventures provides vacations (called “dream trips”) to clients. They book these trips online, and in so doing, claim to possess “combined the energy of the Internet with network marketing “.

The business was started by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, who have ties to another company called GTT. World Ventures launched December 10, 2005, and claims to generate sales of just under $150,000,000 in revenue, and it costs $400 to participate the company.

World Ventures Dream Trips – A Closer Look

The initial controversy starts with the connection of the owners to GTT. This business has come under significant criticism for it’s marketing practices. The executive board has some interesting titles as well, such as “Chief Strategy Officer” and “Chief Visionary Officer “.How unique.

The Bottom Line

The actual problem with the company may be the marketing that is advocated and taught. The old MLM type of recruiting “friends and family” is still alive and well there, and for the lip-service, they cannot encourage the use of the Internet (beyond email) to cultivate your business. They do have pretty graphics and fancy java-script on their website, but their marketing strategies are strongly rooted in the 1950’s.

In conclusion, this COULD be a good opportunity is a marketer that had skills stepped in and applied those skills. The average person seeking to money in on the travel industry may find some significant lacking in the specific marketing system that drives sales.


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